Monday May 20th 2024

What an incredible surprise when I arrived at the Forge Farm in the Village of Ndlovu, Zimbabwe today. Or should I say Forge Farm #4. That’s right #4.
In 2022 I presented the idea of rotational cattle grazing land to a group of the Village Heads in Zimbabwe and then when I was in Washington DC I presented the idea to a group of men that attend a Bible Study every Wednesday morning just a few miles outside Washington DC in McLean Virginia. I attended this Bible Study Class which is called Forge when I lived in DC. A number of the guys donated to the fencing and the solar powered water system to get the Forge Farm #1 up and running.
From 2023 to May 2024 the results have been nothing short of amazing. The Village Heads caught the vision and have expanded the grazing land to 4 huge areas and they now have over 600 head of cattle.
Thank You Jesus for putting people together from around the world. Servants of the Most High God who answered your Call. There is ONLY one way in which this takes place…There is POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS.
Asambe Umhambi…Let’s Gooooo.

May 11th 2024

In early May 2024 in Zimbabwe, Africa Leigh and Gib designed a super cheap Drip System for our garden. It’s gaining serious talk amongst the village communities that we display it in. The LACK of water has everyone thinking. We estimate that over 100,000 bottles will be recycled and not wind up as litter or in the landfill, and that’s just in this small area around the Chidobe/Chisuma Road. The amount of water that will be saved in these commUnities as well as the reduction in the miles that are walked by the people to fetch their water each day it’s truly Priceless.
Please Donate to
A 100% Volunteer Organization, NGO, working in Zimbabwe Africa for the past 20 years.

May 10th 2024

On Friday May 10th 2024 a more detailed survey on three of the major water projects took place.
1. In order to pump water to the Monde CommUnity gardens. There are approximately 3500 people who will benefit from this water project.. We will have to pump the water from the Zambezi River which is 400′ down a steep cliff. Once the water arrives at the top, the water needs to be pushed 1.5 miles. This is a challenging water project. See the beautiful pictures of the Zambezi River Gorge and the challenges we face. This is a MUST water project as the DROUGHT here in Zimbabwe Africa is severe and its only going to get worse.
2. Another area was defined by the Ministry of Agriculture called Sokaba. This rural area has 1500 people who will benefit from this water project.
3. The 3rd Water project is called the Gorges Lodge CommUnity water project. This water project will have a major impact on over 1500 people as well.
4. See the video today Saturday May 11th 2024 with Paul the Water Surveyor out at Sokaba stating he’s 97% sure there’s lots of water in the ground.
5. We Need to raise $65,000 for these 3 Water projects.
Please Donate whatever you can. These projects need to be up and pumping within 30 days from today May 11th 2024. It’s Desperate here. No water, no life.

Thursday May 9th 2024

The Buy a Brick Foundation is in the Village of Chisuma.
Gib Leonard, Founding Director and Project Coordinator Kumbulani Tshambo are speaking to 45 of the Village Heads, Councilmen and the Zimbabwe Ministry of Agriculture about the importance of pumping water from the Zambezi River. Right now back in the States we are working with Dr. Sam Hancock, President of the EmeraldPlanet TV in Washington DC and Alan Weiss, President of Global Water Systems in Dallas, TX
Last night, Weds May 8th the three of us were on Zoom for 1 1/2 hours discussing the Water 💧 Purification system that has been in use for over 25 years by Global Water System. We are raising awareness and Financial Support because the water from the Zambezi River Is Not Drinking water and the Drought in Zimbabwe continues. It’s really really serious.
Please we need all the Prayers and Financial Support you can give.
20 years on the ground in Zimbabwe and still a 100% Volunteer Organization. Praise The Lord!

May 8th 2024, The Batoka Clinic now ready for the slab.

April 27, 2024

Leigh, Kumbie (taking these pictures) and myself were invited to Dr. Obert Mpofu’s house for a breakfast meeting. Dr. Mpofu is the Secretary General of Zimbabwe and holds one of the four highest ranking positions in the country. He has been very supportive of The Buy a Brick Foundation over the years and committed to us today that he personally is going to start to excellerate the projects especially the 💧 water pumping from the Zambezi River. He told us about when he was a young boy he and others walked 15k in the dark to go to the one and only school around. He is so happy about the 39 school blocks that The Buy a Brick Foundation has built in the various villages so no child walks more than 3k to go to school. The expansion of building 2 school blocks in Binga, which is 6 hrs away from our base camp proves our Project building programs of empowering the people in the rural village areas is powerful and offers an immediate sense of self worth and community unity. Did you know that the word community ends in Unity?
You the Donors are making a HUGE Difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people in Zimbabwe. The Buy a Brick Foundation couldn’t assist in empowering the people of Zimbabwe without you. The schools, clinics, community gardens, medical assistance via transportation and financial support for those in desperate need only happens because of your Prayers and financial support.
Please continue to support 🙏 The Buy a Brick Foundation which continues to be a 100% Volunteer non-profit organization.
We do our best to keep you updated on each project and future ones.
God Bless you All.
Gib and Leigh Leonard
Founding Director
The Buy a Brick Foundation
WhatsApp + 1 202-359-4900
We are in Zimbabwe Africa until the end of August 2024, come see us.

April 23rd 2024

The metal roofing trusses are welded in place on the Nyongolo Primary School. Zinc sheeting will start to go on tomorrow.
There is Still a lot to do but this large School block is moving forward quickly.
The Buy a Brick Foundation has a number of projects in the works and at least 5 water 💧 projects that are desperately needed.
Please consider making a donation of any amount, large or small every penny is needed.
The Buy a Brick Foundation continues to be a 100% Volunteer NGO Organization working in Zimbabwe for 20 years.
We are Thanking you in advance for your continued Prayers and financial support.
We promise to keep you updated on all the projects that you support through your Prayers and donations.

By the way. The Buy a Brick Foundation is almost finished with a huge school block on the left. The Backhoe is on the left and the school roofs on the right were replaced by The Buy a Brick Foundation 5 years back when a bad wind storm came through this area of Zimbabwe Africa.
Please our 20 years on the ground as a 100% Volunteer Organization hopefully tells you where our hearts are.
Praising The Lord All the time.

April 26th 2024

Good Day Everyone 
On Friday April 26th 2024
The Buy a Brick Foundation was with Project Coordinator Kumbulani Tshambo, Ivy – Ministry of Agriculture (colored dress) Chief Impala next to Gib and Presidential Appointee for Ministry of Agriculture, Memory Sibanda. Leigh is taking this picture.
Today, was really exciting. We are about to launch a major water project.
Why? It’s been desperate here in Zimbabwe, water – or the lack of WATER is a SERIOUS PROBLEM.
We are going to start pumping water from the Zambezi River. We have had the necessary required meetings and it’s now time to act. The approval for the use of the backhoe from Hwange Rural District Council is soon to be approved. Chief Impala is organizing the people from the Monde Village Community to lay the pipe and backfill. The above text is a very simplified version of what needs to take place but we are a GO.
Please understand THERE IS NO WATER HERE. This is a major undertaking and it’s expensive. This first water project including a huge pump that will pump the water up the mountain side from the Zambezi River which is 400ft down and then pump the water 1 mile is a $50,000 project. A reservoir must be built as well.
If we don’t push forward Now, people will be dying, their livestock will just fall over dead.
Please…the answer is DONATIONS…the water project is a GO.
Please Help.
We Thank you in advance for this. Prayers Please.

April 20, 2024 Project C.U.R.E, LEONA CLINIC Zimbabwe

What a Great opportunity that may be before us to partner with Project C.U.R.E
It’s Saturday here in Zimbabwe only 2 of the 4 Nurses were on staff. Como is the Primary Nurse Practioner at the Leona Clinic. He was so excited, may not have been expressed but he was. The Project C.U.R.E. Medical Bags which came from the Rotary Club in Annapolis after they had gotten word from the Washington DC Rotary that Rotartian Gib Leonard Founding Director of the Buy a Brick Foundation was heading back to Zimbabwe in April with his wife Leigh. Trace the Bags. From Washington DC (see the picture on the back of the pickup) we would have shared pictures of the bags arriving at the Zimbabwe Airport but no pictures are allowed.

Today is Saturday 4/20/24 the Project C.U.R.E bags are delivered to their final destination, the Leona Clinic which is way out in the bush area.
Project C.U.R.E was established in 1987 by Dr. Douglas Jackson. They have distributed over $1Billion in medical aid.
How crazy is this Tonight, in Washington DC my friend Dr. Sam Hancock will be having dinner with Dr. Douglas Jackson talking about a container load of medical supplies coming to Zimbabwe. 

 God is soooo… Good.

Update April 18, 2024 (Zimbabwe Independence Day)

Today is Independence day in Zimbabwe. Kumbie and I were asked to sit at the VIP table with the Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 Government Officials. An exciting Event to attend. The  Buy a Brick Foundation was recognized as a true supporter of Zimbabwe.

April 11, 2024

Embassy Letter for Zimbabwe Visit

Embassy letter

April 6, 2024

The Buy a Brick Foundation is THANKING everyone for their donations. 

We are once again doing a food distribution to the Zimbabwean people living in the Rural Areas. The drought is really really bad this year which now makes 5 out of the last 6 years without rains, which means no harvest.
Please consider donating what you can. These are truly desperate times.
Thank you.

March 27, 2024

March 2024
Hi Everyone, Just a quick update on the progress at Monde Teachers Living Quarters.
It’s taken some time to wrap this up as the Monde Teachers Living Quarters project was an Unbudgeted project. Things having been progressing and we have just finished the roof. We still need to finish putting glass in the window frames adding electricity and plastering the building.
Thanks for All your support and thanking everyone in advance for any donations that you may be able to offer up at this time.
March 2024- we have broken ground on the Most Needed Clinic called Batoka.
This clinic and a number of major water projects are the focus for 2024.
Please spread the word as we need a lot of money to fulfill these absolutely needed projects.
In the Batoka area, which is Way Out in the bush there is No Medical Assistance anywhere around.
The 5 year drought literally – people are dying from lack of water and no food is growing in the gardens.
We have to continue to expand the large community gardens program. Each garden costs about $20,000 and we need 10 more immediately.

Please Donate and tell others.
Buy a Brick Foundation
PO Box 818
Fairhope, AL 36533
Or online at

Have a very Blessed Resurrection Weekend.

Gib Leonard
Founding Director:
The Buy a Brick Foundation

March 2024 Batoka Clinic in the Vulindela Rural Area

As you know we built the Leona Clinic in the Vulindela Rural Area and it was Commissioned in August 2023 by the Local Government and members of the National Government.
We were asked if we could built another Clinic way out by the Batoka Dam project.
We have broken ground again with the greatest resources, the Zimbabwean People. Time after time when we present a new project to a Village Chief its almost immediate that the project is implemented.
We hope to complete this project in one year as long as donations continue. This clinic will be called the Batoka Clinic and will serve the medical needs of 4000 people in the rural community.
Please continue to donate to
If you would like to make a special donation of a large amount please contact me directly.
Gib Leonard
Founding Director
Both Leigh and I will be on the ground in Zimbabwe from mid April till the end of August.


February 29, 2024

Hey Everybody, this is very exciting. Below you will see the progression of the Simathelele Primary School.
If you recall we started this project in August 2023. Also, Simathelele is in Binga Zimbabwe which is 6 hrs away from our base camp in Victoria Falls, so this was our first long distance project. We continue to do what we’ve done for years, bring the solution, empower the people, supply the donated materials and then guide the project along. There are 2 School blocks being built at Simathelele that will hold 200-300 students who have never been taught inside a building. All the roofing material is on site and we hope to have the roof on within the next 2 weeks.
This is another incredible project that shows how your donations added together with Teamwork, gained knowledge and years of experience will make a Difference in the lives of hundreds. We thank you for your Prayers and donations over the years. Together, a real impact is taking place.

Roofing membrane going on. Metal trusses and zinc sheeting to follow.
Final pictures coming by mid March 2024 for not only Simathelele Primary School but also Nyongolo Primary School which is coming along nicely as well.
Thanks to all of you.

Update: 19 February 2024

There has been a drought in Zimbabwe 4 out of the last 5 years. Both these pictures/video are real. The Buy a Brick Foundation through its Donors and Team on the ground are Making a Difference in the lives of thousands and thousands.
Through Donations, Two Wells were Drilled. Pastor Josi now has water at the Church, at two large community gardens in his Village and at his homestead.
Please consider donating as the lack of rain water is leaving the people in the rural areas of Zimbabwe in a very vulnerable position.

Update: February 2024 Buy a Brick Foundation

Simathelele Primary School
The 2 school blocks are coming along nicely. We hope to have both school blocks roofed by the end of February as all materials are on site. The Difference in the lives of 230 children is going to be amazing. Just think about this. You have NEVER BEEN to school except under a tree or an old worn-out torn tarp, and now you are in two brand new school blocks. Oh yeah, how about the Teachers who have been teaching under these previous conditions?

Nyongolo Primary School
A very similar situation as Simathelele.
There are 400 students at Nyongolo; but there are only two school blocks, so 200 kids attend school under trees.
We are pushing really hard to get this huge school block completed by the end of April 2024.

Thank you All for your continued Donations and Prayers.
Please consider Donating in 2024 as the kids in the rural areas of Zimbabwe Africa truly need your help.

You can see the huge school block at Nyongolo Primary School that’s slab ready for the walls.

January 2024

This is a picture of the drought that has hit Zimbabwe over the past 4 out of 5 years. Today, January 2024 things are changing for two areas in the Hwange Rural District. The Buy a Brick Foundation through donations are drilling two water wells. One for the Community known as St. Mary’s and the other is for the homestead and a church that is lead by Pastor Josi. Please continue to donate to The Buy a Brick Foundation so this most needed (WATER) can be brought up from the earth.

It's December 22nd 2023 and we hope to have the roof on by mid January. We are making great progress on Simathelele Primary School. Two big School blocks that will hold the 200 kids that attend Simathelele. Merry Christmas to All...

This video shows the roofing supplies getting ready to be delivered to Simathelele Primary School.

Today, November 30 2023 Do you all remember this. This was the so called Primary School - Simathelele in Binga Zimbabwe Africa in August 2023... Take a look

Toilets have been dug and plastered. Two huge school blocks are coming up nicely.
Over 200 kids will have an actual school building to learn in.
Thanks for your support.

Today is September 28th 2023. The pictures and video below are of the progress being made at Nyongolo Primary School. Thanks everyone for your support.

Thank you Riley Leonard QB at Duke University for your donation and for the t-shirts.
The kids at Nyongolo Primary School love them. They are cheering for Duke.
Let’s gooooo
“Say i wont”

Its September 6th 2023
Back from Zimbabwe after spending 4 months on the Mission Field

Hi Everyone
Leigh and I are back from Zimbabwe after spending 4 months on the Mission Field. We arrived in DC on Saturday from Africa and
we had two important stops
before we headed back to Alabama.
1. Was to drive to Duke to see the Duke Football Team take on #9 Clemson. QB Riley Leonard performed and the Duke Defense was outstanding. A 28 – 7 Duke Victory was the outcome.
2. A meeting was scheduled with the Ambassador of Zimbabwe to finalize the Coal Project that we have been working on.
A) Zimbabwe Govt approves funding for Phase One in their 2024 Budget….this is huge.
B. The Development of using the mighty Zambezi River to irrigate rural communities in Zimbabwe creating year round crop rotation by using this incredible water resource.
3. The continued exploration of upgrading the Gold Mining Process and evaluation of this natural resource so that the proper value of this resource can better equip Zimbabwe from a monetary standpoint.

Its August 19 2023 Just a quick update on our trip to Binga

Hello Everyone
Just a quick update on our trip to Binga as we visited the poorest area in all of Zimbabwe.
The first load of 10,000 bricks arrived. We need 30,000 more plus cement, window frames, door frames, roofing, etc. But is
the Village of Simathelele excited about their new school or What? People unloading the bricks in big numbers…this is what The Buy a Brick Foundation does, we empower Communities to take ownership in the projects and this is exactly what the people of Simathelele did.
This is going to be an awesome school project for the entire community.
Thanks Again Everybody for your continued support. $68,000 is need to complete this school and teachers living quarters along with supplying water to the school and furnishings.
Buy a Brick Foundation
PO Box 818
Fairhope Alabama 36533

God Bless You All.
Thanks for Prayers and your continued financial support.
The Buy a Brick Foundation continues to be a 100% Volunteer Organization.
Yes, we do have to pay a Builder in Zimbabwe but that fee is small do to the fact that the Communities supply all the labor, along with volunteers from The Buy a Brick Foundation,
20 years on the ground in Zimbabwe making a Huge Difference in the lives of thousands and thousands and thousands.

Its August 18 2023

Hey Everybody
Just a quick update. We were so touched by the desperate state of the Simahelele Primary School that when we left Binga Thursday morning for our 6 hr drive back to Victoria Falls that we called our brick supplier and asked if he could send 10,000 of the 40,000 bricks to Binga right away. Once again, every year we come across an unbudgeted project such as this that needs immediately attention to solve a truly desperate need.. By the time we got to Hwange the truck was loaded and heading to Binga. How awesome is that? Crazy good. School starts back on September 10th here in Zimbabwe and the 200 kids are going to see bricks piled up and ready for construction. They will be so so happy. They will finally have an actual brick School building within a year or less.
We need to raise $68,000 for the school, teachers living quarters, water, desk and more.
Again and again your financial support and Prayers has completed over 30 schools and teachers living quarters in Zimbabwe.
This school is absolutely the most desperate one we have ever seen in 20 years here in Zimbabwe
Please consider donating to The Buy a Brick Foundation
PO Box 818
Fairhope Alabama 36533
Thanks again for your support.
Gib Leonard
Founding Director

Simahelele Primary School
August 10th 2023...Ground Breaking for the large 4 room classroom block at Nyongolo Primary School

This is so needed as the school attendance has risen dramatically over the past three years. When we visited the school in July 2023 we found 3 classes being held under the trees and the rains are coming in the next few months so we need to act fast.
Please continue to donate to The Buy a Brick Foundation at
Or by check
PO Box 818
Fairhope Alabama 36533
Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers.
The Buy a Brick Foundation Team.
Gib and Leigh


Zimbabwe, Africa - Teams from Texas, Virginia, Atmore Alabama and Fairhope Alabama Volunteered their time and talents in many Difference Making Tasks that empowered the people of Zimbabwe

Projects include building toilets at the newly established Chikandakubi Community Garden that will allow the Villagers in this rural area the opportunity to produce year round crops because of the solar powered boreholes that pump water to large Jojo tanks that then allow the water to feed into the garden. It is estimated that 700 people will benefit from this one garden.Teaching Art Classes at Nynogolo Primary School by the renowned Artist from Alabama, USA. Empowering women with arts and crafts that can produce an income for them and their families.
Playing soccer with the kids with new soccer balls. Flying kites high in the air is a totally new experience for the kids. And there is so much more.


On Monday Leigh and I assisted a local church

in Victoria Falls city with a food drive directed specifically for people that the Dept of Social Services stated needs extra help.

We spent about two hours meeting and greeting wonderful people. All the individuals received what is called a food hamper which consists of their staple food called mealie meal, cooking oil, sugar and salt.

Wow, the longer we stay, the greater the need seems to be. Please consider donating to The Buy a Brick Foundation at
Have a Great Day.