Safety and Health Foundation (SHF) Founder, Jay Jacob Wind

The mission of the Safety And Health Foundation is to conduct athletic and educational events and training programs, to grant certificates of completion and certifications of competencies, and to assemble and publish data and educational materials on safety and health practices.

The SHF  has been a  Long time supporter of the Buy-A-Brick Foundation. 2024 will mark 15 years of this Partnership. We value this partnership because of the relationship that we have with the SHF’s founder, Jay Wind, and his race followers. The SHF’s support has allowed the Buy-A-Brick Foundation to not only start new projects, but also to swiftly complete buildings that we thought would take months to fund. Because of the support from the SHF, the Buy-A-Brick Foundation will be able to add another phase to the Leonah Clinic in Zimbabwe, Africa in July 2015. The ground-breaking event of this next phase will include CEO/Governor Phindile Ncube and at least one member of Parliament, along with Chief Bishop.

A plaque will be placed on the Clinic wall as a reminder of the generous support of the Safety and Health Foundation. The Buy-A-Brick Foundation is honored to have a relationship such as the one we have with the SHF Founder, Jay Jacob Wind.