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Education Projects

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Vulindlela Secondary School

April 23, 2014
Consider this, you, along with a hundred others, have just graduated from Primary School; you're so excited, and your parents are as well. But now, the facts are about to set in. This is as far as your education will go, no higher education than this, and most likely, the hundred other students will end their education before they even become teenagers. Why!  Why do I make this true and staggering statement? Here's ...

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Badombe Primary School aka Breakfast

March 31, 2013
Badombe was chosen after a local Pastor approached us with a desperate request "please consider building a school in the Badombe village". When we arrived at the village to conduct our site survey, we were met by the Head Master, a young man, who goes by the name Nomatter. What a super nice guy. 
The seriousness of Badombe was truly two fold. First, the structures that were used as educational facilities ...

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Chimbombo Primary School

August 31, 2012
Chimbombo Primary School was chosen as our fourth school project. The decision was easy, The Zimbabwe Ministry of Education contacted us and asked for our assistance. Chimbombo was in desperate need of a new school building. They had two existing buildings, both built back in the 1950's; one was in ok shape the other had been condemned by the Zimbabwe Government, but, it was still being used every day as students needed ...

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Masuie Primary School

March 30, 2011
Masuie, this my friends, is one you would have to see to believe. Approximately 160 children were attending school in what can only be described as large tin cans. See the before and after pictures for this one. Masuie is an hour drive into the bush from Victoria Falls Township. Masuie was the third school project that we took on. This project required the participation of the entire village and what a Team effort it ...

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The Primary School BH 36

August 31, 2010
BH 36 as it's known, was in terrible shape. Approximately 200 students attend BH 36. The condition of these school blocks truly looked as if they were about to fall down. There were cracks in the walls from the foundation to the tip of the roof. The electricity had been shut off for almost a year. It looked as if the last paint that these buildings had ever seen was when they were built back in 1957. BH 36 was a total ...

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Dadani Special Needs School

August 31, 2009
The Dadani special needs school was built to house a number of blind students from all over Zimbabwe.  We completed the special needs school building in 2009 with the expectation that a group from Australia would fund the monthly operating expenses for the school.  Unfortunately, the funding fell through and the Australian group was unable to provide the funds to make the school operational.  Fortunately ...

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Dadani Primary and Techincal College

June 30, 2007
Over the years, we have built ten school blocks and refurbished two. We have built teachers living quarters, bath houses, storage rooms, toilets and more.
Below is a description of our first project.
Our first school project was in cooperation with Christopher and Gladys Ndlovu. The idea behind what is known as Dadani was the development and expansion of this private school which sits in Victoria Falls ...

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