Can a person make an impact in the lives of others?

Absolutely! Just ask the people in the bush of Zimbabwe if a volunteer from the Buy A Brick Foundation has had an impact in their life.

The key to the impact is to go on a mission…not just a trip. A trip has a start date and a return date. A mission is something that continues until the results have been accomplished.
The impact, so far, has been extraordinary. We’ve built OVER 30 school blocks, Teachers Living Quarters, Nurses Living Quarters  in Twelve  villages. When you bring together hard working volunteers who join forces with hard working Zimbabweans, have a pre-established plan, and have the necessary funds, change will happen. Schools will be built, Clinics will be erected, Malaria can become a thing of the past, by growing plants that reduce the terrible symptoms and in some cases eradicate Malaria altogether. Together, self-sustaining villages will develop. Start with the right relationship with God, be led by adding a simple plan that fits the needs of the local people and then go do it.
Through this type of combined TeamWork eight villages have seen dramatic change. Brand new schools, that were on the master plan for 30 years, are now the structures that stand tall in these villages. These schools become community meeting places, where for the past thousand years, there was no community meeting place except under a big tree. Children are now educated in a safe building, this leads to a desire to excel. Teachers are excited because they are now teaching in a real school building, sleeping in a true teachers living quarters with beds and electricity. We give these children a special name “ZLOTT”…Zimbabwe Leaders of Tomorrow, Today.

Teachers now live in “teachers quarters” where before, they lived in a 5 x 5 closet and slept on the dirt or concrete floors, oh yea, most schools don’t even have beds for the teachers. 

The DIFFERENCE is this, the pass rate at every school has increased. More children from the village are attending school because they now see a future in education because a school was built in their village.

The impact list goes on and on. Come join us, and you will see the impact first hand, an impact that YOU can make in the lives of others and they can make in yours. Who doesn’t want a little extra Love in their life…and to give it as well.