In late June 2023

The Buy a Brick Foundation presents two Peanut Butter Processing machines and a Freeze- It machine to the Zimbabwe Govt Nationally Disabilities Expo so the people with Disabilities can empower their lives creating an income for themselves and their families.


In Unity, working together, creating self sustaining Villages. Building Educational Facilities that produce a positive learning environment for the children and teachers alike. Building clinics in the bush which are staffed by Registered Nurses. Developing small farms throughout the region that grow plants that have been proven to greatly reduce the side effects of Malaria. Partnering with Universities under our “Adopt a Village” format. Planting crops that create not only a viable food source for the village but also ones that produce an economic impact on the village.

The Zimbabwean Government Recognizes 18 years of service in Victoria Falls and the Hwange District.

We just finished a very encouraging meeting this afternoon with Governor Phindile Ncube and Mr. Mudenda, the Head of Engineer for the Hwange Rural District.

Govenor Ncube is writing a letter to be placed on Government Letterhead asking for the Buy a Brick Foundation support to finish the Batoka Clinic and a new four room school block at Nynogolo Primary school. Government is supplying bricks, sand, quarry stone and all the transportation to the site.

Buy a Brick Foundation to supply a Builder, the roofing, windows, doors.

Currently, The Batoka Clinic is unopened because it stands unfinished by a unknown donor from years in the past.

Since we built the Leona Clinic the Government has come to us for assistance. We need to build an extra wing on the Clinic and build two Nurses Living Quarters just like the ones we built at the Leona Clinic.

Please spread the word about these two extremely important projects that we really need to finish by the end of the year. Both projects are unbudgeted for 2023 but when has unbudgeted projects ever stopped us in the past. Nynogolo Primary School block is needed do to the continuing enrollment at the school. Just two weeks ago when we arrived for a school visit we saw children being taught under trees. There are 3 classes that are currently being held outside because of the lack of space inside.

Please forward this to everyone as here in Zimbabwe the rainy season is coming and the situation at Nynogolo will so become desperate.

Please help with your donations so we can stay ahead of this coming problem. We need to raise $152,756.00 to complete the Batoka Clinic and the school block at Nynogolo Primary school.

These two letters are from Phindile Ncube, CEO of the Hwange Rural District. We met with Phindile and his head Engineer Mr. Mudenda on Saturday July 22, 2023 to discuss the serious need to complete the Batoka Clinic and to build the most needed additional school block at Nynogolo Primary school as the kids are being taught under trees as we speak. Please spread the word about these projects that will impact the lives of thousands in both the educational and medical fields. Donations can be sent to Buy a Brick Foundation PO Box 818 Fairhope, Alabama 36533 Or online at (please note our website is being updated so some pages are incomplete and the online donation button may be disabled for a short period of time. Thanks for your continued support. The Buy a Brick Foundation Team.