Save The Elephants

November 25, 2015

On Tuesday Oct 20 2015  numerous text messages took place with our good friend Phindile Ncube, CEO/Governor of the Hwange District in Zimbabwe about the massive killings of Elephants by cyanide. These poachers are selling the ivory on the Black marketing and open markets in places like China and other parts of the world.



I specifically asked Phindile "What do you need to help put a stop to the poaching", he responded with the following list.


- An additional 15 trained & equipped Scouts.

- One dedicated patrol vehicle

- 6 additional motor bikes for bush patrol


The Buy A Brick Foundation is accepting donations to help CEO Phindile Ncube obtain the items above.  If you would like to donate click this link: S.A.V.E. Donation. I understand this is not part of our four sectors within The Buy A Brick Foundation, but it is one that is critical to the people of Zimbabwe, their culture and heritage. The world should take a stand against this kind of violence.


If we are going to make an impact, lets not turn a blind eye to this terrible atrocity taking place in a country that we've been called to work in.


You can assist us by going to this link: https://www.awf.org/news/strengthening-criminal-justice-fight-wildlife-crime and sign up to ask the United States Congress to put an end to global ivory sales. This will take you less than 90 seconds. Please show your support to CEO Phindile Ncube of the Hwange District by signing your name on the ballot.


Take care friends,
Gib Leonard


Please clink the link below and send Congress the message:


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