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Vulindlela Secondary School

April 23, 2014

Consider this, you, along with a hundred others, have just graduated from Primary School; you're so excited, and your parents are as well. But now, the facts are about to set in. This is as far as your education will go, no higher education than this, and most likely, the hundred other students will end their education before they even become teenagers. Why!  Why do I make this true and staggering statement? Here's why...the closest higher education facility is the Secondary School which is a 15 km walk each way. This means that you have to be up and out the door at 5:30 every morning to venture into the African bush in the pitch black darkness of the early morn, on your own, but you're not you get the point?


Ask yourself this question; Would you go? Would you send your kids? Is this the kind of educational experience you want your kids to have? Seriously, they may not make it to school, and if they did, they still have to get back home. No one, wants to be put to this test...not you, not me, not the children and neither do the parents that live in the villages of Simakade or Chisuma.  So, everyone is left with a very difficult decision. 


Fortunately, that decision is one that is much easier to make today. In April 2014 The Buy A Brick Foundation, in partnership with the people in the surrounding villages, completed the Vulindlela Secondary School. What does this mean?  Well first of all, the closest families live within 500 yards of the school and the families that are on the outer edge of the villages only have to walk 3 km. This means that no child has to walk in the dark. This means that the fear and anxiety of what lies ahead is gone. 


In July 2015, the Zimbabwe Government had the Official Grand Opening of the Vulindela Secondary School. The Buy A Brick Foundation was the invited guest of honor. 500 people were in attendance that day. Members of the Zimbabwe Parliament were present. All the Ministries of Education from the surrounding cities were there. Children from the four surrounding Secondary School were performing at this event. The Zimbabwe National TV News was there and filmed the event. 


Folks, this is what it's all about. This very special day opened in praise and thanks to The Lord and throughout the day many of the speakers opened with thanks to God for this school and for all the people that worked so hard to make it happen. 


We now have friends for life, and the children...they will never forget how their new school came to be. It's now written in the history books and on everyone's heart.


Please, consider making a donation today and join us on our next building project. The experience will truly touch your heart like nothing you've experienced before. 




Waiting for Grand Opening CeremonyVulindlela Secondary School

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