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Nyongolo Primary School

November 24, 2019

Nyongolo Primary School like many schools in Zimbabwe suffered for years with unfinished buildings and/or lack of roofs on the school structures.

In late July 2019, because of their extended stay in Zimbabwe, Founding Director of The Buy a Brick Foundation, Gib Leonard and his wife Leigh Leonard, visited Nyongolo on the urging of the Minister of Education.


Here's the story about Nyongolo Primary School. A School Block for Pre-School Kids was being constructed back in 2016. The walls were brought up to the roof level but there it sat for the next three years, with no roof. So it had no real value other than to say "all we need is a roof"  All it needed was a roof...easy to say, but in Zimbabwe it meant that it may never get one, seriously, this school block sat for three years and had we not gone to visit and inspect Nyongolo Primary School it would most likely still be roofless.


The next issue was with main Primary School Building. A portion of the roof had blown off during a high wind storm a year earlier. This seems to be common place about two months out of the year and the damage can range from light to extensive. The crazy thing is the roof damage to the Primary School was repaired at a total cost of $640.00


What did we do after the inspection, we immediately took action as we knew the rainy season was only a few months away. We bought supplies and made a few phone calls and seriously this was the results. 

The Children's School Block after sitting for three years with no roof had a roof fully installed within ten days. 

The portion of the roof on the Primary school building was replaced within days after the Children's School Block.


PLEASE join us in Zimbabwe, we need helping hands on many building projects or please consider donating to these most urgent projects. See the donate button on any of these website pages.


Thank You 



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