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Badombe Primary School aka Breakfast

March 31, 2013

Badombe was chosen after a local Pastor approached us with a desperate request "please consider building a school in the Badombe village". When we arrived at the village to conduct our site survey, we were met by the Head Master, a young man, who goes by the name Nomatter. What a super nice guy. 


The seriousness of Badombe was truly two fold. First, the structures that were used as educational facilities were absolutely disgusting. One structure, was infested with bats, and everything that comes along with them.  The other building was an old metal tool shed that smelled exactly as it sounds.


The second major concern the village faced was the fact that there are 280 school aged kids in the village but the two existing structures only had room to accommodate 130 of these children. This was a serious problem for Babombe because how do you choose which 130 kids go to school? 


This was going to be a major undertaking, the largest building project that we've taken on, and it still is to date. The site survey, along with our hearts, said "this has to be special".  And it is...


Together, The Buy A Brick Foundation along with the entire village of Badombe proceeded to build three large school blocks. Two school blocks were complete 100%.  The third block was completed to the roof level but has not yet been finished.  The village has the responsibility of buying the lumber and putting on the roof of the third school block. We did this so the village doesn't see the project as a hand out but a hand up. There is a true sense of pride of ownership that will come along when they complete the roof of the third building. This is going to take a continued effort on their part, to buy the material, and put the roof on. We are hopeful for the outcome, and we have plans to visit the Badombe village in the near future to see the progress.


This is why it's so important that you, who are reading this, join forces with the Buy A Brick Foundation under our  "Adopt A Village" program. Your Church or Organization can be the main sponsor of a village and help to provide the necessities of life to hundreds of villagers. Trust the 12 years of on the ground working in Zimbabwe when we say "You won't regret it"!


The really big news is that all the children in the village now attend school, no one has to stay home because of lack of room. We are so excited for the village of Badombe and the future truly looks bright. 

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