University Partners

We want to thank Marymount, George Washington and Georgetown University for their support in providing soccer uniforms and equipment. We ask that other Universities join us in the distribution of  former soccer uniforms for the schools in Zimbabwe, Africa. We extend this invitation to include High Schools and any Soccer Program that have used uniforms and equipment. 


There are thousands of Zimbabwean villages with school soccer teams that need soccer uniforms and soccer balls. A team effort from all sides is essential to meet this need. 


Please join with us with our current and upcoming projects. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the children in Zimbabwe.


With your partnership:

  • We can build solid schools where children and teachers feel safe and secure
  • We can provide students with the opportunity to learn in a wholesome environment
  • We can promote the basics of physical fitness and sportsmanship that are learned from playing on a team.
  • A Team uniform, supplied by you creates unity, a bond that these kids desperately need. Please join in on the fun. 

The Buy-A-Brick Foundation and all the school kids of Zimbabwe, Africa sincerely thank you for your support and ask that you spread the word about the used soccer uniform program.

Marymount University

Tua Luce Dirige (Direct Us by Thy Light)

Marymount University Women's Head Soccer Coach, Gayle Wilson, was contacted in March 2014 by the school's President's office to see if there was some way in which Marymount could assist the Buy-A-Brick Foundation with soccer uniforms for the kids in Zimbabwe.

Gayle jumped at the opportunity.


Not only did she round up a full set of soccer uniforms, but a total of 4 full sets of jerseys and shorts. What a wonderful donation! If only you could have seen the faces of the kids at the Vulundelia High School who received the uniforms; it was as if we were at the World Cup tournament, they were so excited!

Vulindlea's two boys' and two girls' teams received all four sets of uniforms, and wear them proudly as they compete against neighboring village school teams.


Thank you, Marymount University, President Dr. Matt Shank, and Head Coach Gayle Wilson for your support and efforts to bring to the university a greater awareness of this small country in Africa where the Buy-A-Brick Foundation has been called to make a difference.

George Washington University

Deus Nobis Fiducia (God is Our Trust)

We contacted Jason McGee, Director of Facilities at George Washington University, Smith Center, in February, 2014, to ask if he could collect some old soccer uniforms and donate them to the Buy-A-Brick Foundation for distribution while we were in Zimbabwe.


Without delay, Jason introduced us to Jake Ouimet, Associate Head Coach of Men's Soccer at the university. Jake then jumped into action, and within three weeks had us return to the university to meet Head Coach Craig Jones and receive bags full of soccer socks and uniforms for both the boys' and girls' soccer teams of Zimbabwe.


This outpouring of support from all three of our Washington, DC universities is awesome! We have no doubt that the kids in Zimbabwe, Africa wear the team colors and names of these generous universities proudly.


The Buy-A-Brick Foundation thanks these schools for their support and hope they will keep us in mind when they have more soccer uniforms to recycle.

Georgetown University

Utraque Unum (Both into One)

In February 2014, we put a call through to Tommy Hunter, the Head Golf Coach at Georgetown University, to see if he could round up some used soccer balls for the school soccer teams in Zimbabwe, Africa.


It didn't take long for Tommy to email back, saying, "I've got about 30 soccer balls. When do you want to pick them up?"


We've been going to Zimbabwe, Africa almost every year since 2004, and we've seen more soccer balls made out of old plastic bags than you can shake a stick at! So, when the grade school and high school soccer teams receive one real soccer ball, they are ecstatic!


When we were able to give each team two or three real soccer balls, because of the donation from Georgetown, it was like having Christmas in April! The teams were thrilled to have their very own regulation soccer balls!


Thank you, Tommy Hunter and all of Georgetown University, for your help and generosity.