Zimbabwe Government

In Unity, working together, creating self sustaining Villages. Building Educational Facilities that produce a positive learning environment for the children and teachers alike. Building clinics in the bush which are staffed by Registered Nurses. Developing small farms throughout the region that grow plants that have been proven to greatly reduce the side effects of Malaria. Partnering with Universities under our "Adopt a Village" format. Planting crops that create not only a viable food source for the village but also ones that produce an economic impact on the village. 

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The Zimbabwean Government Recognizes 18 years of service in Victoria Falls and the Hwange District. 

  • Letter of Appreciation from Member of Zimbabwe Parliament
  • Letter from the Hwange Rural District Council
  • News Articles in local Newspapers
  • Letter from Phindile Ncube, CEO/Governor of The Hwange District 
  • Letter from Roger Mtembo, Ministry of Education in the Capital City of Harare. 
  • Letter from Lot Mumpande, Director of Housing and Community Serves, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  • The Buy A Brick Foundation featured on the National TV News in Zimbabwe, July 2015