Buy a Brick Foundation FAQ

Who are Team Africa and The Buy a Brick Foundation?
The Buy a Brick Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization incorporated in the state of Virginia as well as a registered as a non-profit, incorporated organization in Zimbabwe. Team Africa is our on-site group of volunteers. We are faith-based people sharing the desire to serve a community in dire need of relief.


How will my donation help?
Your generous contributions go towards building or refurbishing schools and teacher's facilities, digging water wells, building outhouses and providing much needed supplies and basic necessities for the people, such as:


School Uniforms Paper Pencils & Pens
Rulers Scissors Soap
Toothpaste Combs & Hairbrushes Shoes







What percentage of my donation will go directly to the projects?
100% of all donations fund the projects. The members of Team Africa pay their own travel expenses as well as raise money for our many projects. It is an all-volunteer organization. We donate our time, talents and energy to help these under-served communities. We also hold fundraisers for our projects with the support of our friends and families.


What other ways can I contribute?
Team Africa will always welcome more people to do the hands-on work in Zimbabwe. Behind the scenes, we always need people to run fundraisers, collect donations, and to take care of necessary administrative details.


Pray for our mission and its continued success. Pray for the people of Team Africa, and all the behind-the-scenes people of The Buy a Brick Foundation who are constantly working to support and uphold our mission team.