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About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of people working for the common goal of helping others - everyday people just like you. We come from all across the United States and Zimbabwe, Africa; and from all walks of life. We are a faith-based group with a common goal to serve communities in dire need.



Team Africa is our on-the-ground team name in Zimbabwe. In June 2004, a few people from Providence, a church in McLean, Va went to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, Africa. This was the first trip for Gib Leonard, Founding Director of The Buy A Brick Foundation. On this trip, and on each and every trip since, a need to do more surfaces on a number of team members hearts. What we continue to find are communities in urgent need of help - more than can be provided in just a two week trip. Because the need is so great, a number of the Team Africa members have been on multiple trips to Zimbabwe and plan to be included in future excursions. Now, what we need, is your help, your support, and for you to join us on our next building project.


Groups of hard-working men and women like the one pictured below have accomplished things that others have said couldn't be done. These accomplishments are only achieved through teamwork and a common desire to assist others in need.



The members of Team Africa pay their own travel expenses, as well as raise money for the building projects. They donate their time and money, and hold various fundraisers to support the current building projects. 100% of all donations go to fund the projects in Zimbabwe. No one is paid to run Team Africa or The Buy a Brick Foundation.

Why do we do this?

Because the return on our investment is far more than money can buy. We have seen dilapidated wrecks of schools turn into growing, thriving halls of education. We have provided badly needed items from pencils and toothbrushes to working toilets, comfortable beds to building the entire school including teachers living quarters. We have watched children thrive, that, without the help of people from the outside, might not have survived. The rewards of being a Team Africa member are endless!


Our team members have developed close friendships with the people of this distant land. How wonderful it is to walk through the bush country of Zimbabwe, be greeted by name and called "Friend".


Our construction projects are run by Zimbabweans. Using project managers who speak the native languages and know the established laws, ensures that our projects are kept up to current safety standards and meet all required regulations.  It also provides income to those locals working on our projects.


We have the knowledge, the passion and the experience on-site, in Zimbabwe; working year-round with their leaders planning future projects. We are committed to a long-term relationship with the people of Zimbabwe. The Buy a Brick Foundation and Team Africa need You to be a part of this amazing work that is taking place in Zimbabwe, Africa.

We are a grass-roots, non-profit organization and we need your support. We need the diversity of talent that comes from people like you and we invite you to join our team. Buy just one brick or donate enough to build a whole school block. Help us continue to nurture a promising future for the children of Zimbabwe, a country that is in so much need of your help and support.


If you'd like to join our team in Africa, we would love to have you. Contact us for more information about our next trip.